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VINSANTO by Gaia, PDO Santorini

Süsswein VINSANTO by Gaia aus der Assyrtiko-Traube.
Limitierte Auflage: 2500 Flaschen 500 ml
10 Jahre in Eichenfässern ausgebaut!

Sensationell! Eine Versuchung wert!

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

CHF 39.00



Creating a Vinsanto is like taking a trip back in time as far as the 7th century B.C., time when Isiodos described in detail how these rare wines were made. Little has changed since then.

For “Vinsanto by GAIA”, the primary grape used is Assyrtiko with very small amounts of Athiri and Aidani. The Assyrtiko is hand harvested when ripe but undergoes a variation on the traditional process. A portion of the grapes are sun dried in the strong Santorini summer sun while another portion is shade dried to maintain relative fruit freshness.

Once the berries have been sufficiently dehydrated from the sun, they are gently pressed over many hours until the last drop of the richly concentrated must is rendered. Yields at this stage are exceptionally low – less than 10 hl/ha!

The must is then placed in old casks to undergo fermentation which stops once the alcohol level reaches 13 to14%, thus giving us a Natural Sweet Wine. The wine is then left to age in the fermentation casks previously used for white wine production for at least 10 years so it can acquire its deep honey color and complex aromas.

Vinsanto by Gaia is bottled without any fining or filtration.

Enjoy this rare wine cold, at 6° C, with a beautiful dark chocolate dessert or cellar it for future enjoyment.

Only some 2500 bottles of 500ml are produced each vintage.



Produzent Gaia Wines
Alkohol 14 %
Auge Nein
Flaschengrösse Nein
Preis CHF 39.00


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