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  • MIKÒNU PALE ALE, 24 x 33 cl

    American Pale Ale
    They have currently brewed an American Pale Ale which is a hoppy, mildly bitter, highly aromatic ale. Pours clear, copper-gold with a light, foamy white head. Light sweet  flavor with perfectly offsetting hops. Lightly toasted grass, citrus rind with a touchof toasty malts. Light bodied with fine to average carbonation. Crisp finish with light, with subtle tropical fruits, light pine needles, some grass, orange citrus, mango.

    Alcohol : 5.3% by vol.
    Bitterness : 30 IBU
    Colour : 25 EBC

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33 cl

    Ablaufdatum: 30.6.2018, allerdings ist es sehr gut noch 3-4 Monate haltbar/geniessbar.

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  • Crazy Donkey IPA Santorini Beer 33cl

    Jetzt auch in 33cl Flasche!
    Crazy Donkey -
    Produced in very limited quantities.
    The Crazy Donkey label signifies the first and only IPA (India Pale Ale) produced in Greece. Large quantities of Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops yield a plethora of aromatic bitterness - marrying an arguably tropical start to a dry finish, for a distinctly different drinking adventure.

    Alcohol: 5.8-6.0% vol.
    IBU: 50

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33cl
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  • Red Donkey Santorini Beer

    Red Donkey is a Irish Red Ale style beer brewed by Santorini Brewing Company in Santorini, Greece

    Red Donkey
    Red Donkey, formulated with a combination of malts specifically chosen to produce its chestnut hue, utilizes a different collection of hops - including Aurora and Styrian Golding from Slovenia, Citra from Oregon, and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.  Awakened by an alternative type of Belgian-style yeast, the result is fruity, full-bodied and richly colored.  A champagne style bottle completes this elegant offering which will enhance any fine dining experience.

    Alcohol: 5.5-5.7% vol.
    IBU: 26

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33 cl

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  • Yellow Donkey Santorini Beer

    Yellow Donkey
    Yellow Donkey relies on a mixture of hops including Aurora and Styrian Golding from Slovenia, Cascade from Oregon, and exotic Motueka from New Zealand, which produces a refreshing citrus taste, as well as contributing natural antioxidants and antibacterial elements.  Slightly bitter tones refine and invigorate the overall flavor, creating the perfect accompaniment for a meal by the sea, relaxing at the beach or hanging out at a favorite watering hole.

    Alcohol: 5.0-5.2% vol.
    IBU: 19
    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen, 33 cl

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    CHF 4.00

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4 Artikel

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