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  • Ouzo Plomari, Lesbos (700ml)

    Ein authentischer Ouzo, nach 100 Jahre alter Tradition hergestellt und abgefüllt von Isidoros Arvanitis.
    Herkunft: Lesbos / Ägäische Insel

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    CHF 21.50

  • Yellow Donkey Santorini Beer

    Yellow Donkey
    Yellow Donkey relies on a mixture of hops including Aurora and Styrian Golding from Slovenia, Cascade from Oregon, and exotic Motueka from New Zealand, which produces a refreshing citrus taste, as well as contributing natural antioxidants and antibacterial elements.  Slightly bitter tones refine and invigorate the overall flavor, creating the perfect accompaniment for a meal by the sea, relaxing at the beach or hanging out at a favorite watering hole.

    Alcohol: 5.0-5.2% vol.
    IBU: 19
    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen, 33 cl

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    CHF 4.00

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  • Red Donkey Santorini Beer

    Red Donkey is a Irish Red Ale style beer brewed by Santorini Brewing Company in Santorini, Greece

    Red Donkey
    Red Donkey, formulated with a combination of malts specifically chosen to produce its chestnut hue, utilizes a different collection of hops - including Aurora and Styrian Golding from Slovenia, Citra from Oregon, and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.  Awakened by an alternative type of Belgian-style yeast, the result is fruity, full-bodied and richly colored.  A champagne style bottle completes this elegant offering which will enhance any fine dining experience.

    Alcohol: 5.5-5.7% vol.
    IBU: 26

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33 cl

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    CHF 4.20

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  • ROOTS Tentura Sweet Liquor

    Distilled with natural water.
    Only 100% natural extracts, no flavour essences, or artificial flavourings. 24 % VOL ALC
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    CHF 35.00

  • Crazy Donkey IPA Santorini Beer 33cl

    Jetzt auch in 33cl Flasche!
    Crazy Donkey -
    Produced in very limited quantities.
    The Crazy Donkey label signifies the first and only IPA (India Pale Ale) produced in Greece. Large quantities of Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops yield a plethora of aromatic bitterness - marrying an arguably tropical start to a dry finish, for a distinctly different drinking adventure.

    Alcohol: 5.8-6.0% vol.
    IBU: 50

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33cl
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  • MIKÒNU PALE ALE, 24 x 33 cl

    American Pale Ale
    They have currently brewed an American Pale Ale which is a hoppy, mildly bitter, highly aromatic ale. Pours clear, copper-gold with a light, foamy white head. Light sweet  flavor with perfectly offsetting hops. Lightly toasted grass, citrus rind with a touchof toasty malts. Light bodied with fine to average carbonation. Crisp finish with light, with subtle tropical fruits, light pine needles, some grass, orange citrus, mango.

    Alcohol : 5.3% by vol.
    Bitterness : 30 IBU
    Colour : 25 EBC

    Kartoneinheit: 24 Flaschen 33 cl

    Ablaufdatum: 30.6.2018, allerdings ist es sehr gut noch 3-4 Monate haltbar/geniessbar.

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  • Otto's Athens Vermouth 17%

    Otto's Athens Vermuth, der Sommerdrink 2018!

    Leicht, kühl, absolut erfrischend. Summerfeeling pur!

    Hergestellt aus griechischem Wein, versetzt mit Wermutkraut, Rosenblättern, Minze, Zitrusfrüchten, Olivenblättern und Kräutern wie Oregano, Rosmarin, Thymian und Vanille.

    Geniessen Sie ihn in einem Glas mit Eiswürfeln, Tonic oder Soda!


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    CHF 28.50

7 Artikel

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